HEALTH ALERT - Two new measles cases reported in Western NSW


Two new cases of measles have been reported in Western NSW, both with links to a recent measles case in Dubbo imported from New Zealand.

This brings the total number of cases in NSW to 40 since Christmas last year.

Both of the new cases were in young men who were unsure if they had been vaccinated against measles in the past.

They had visited a number of locations in Dubbo, Walgett, Parkes and Wagga Wagga while infectious:

  • Dubbo Base Hospital Emergency Department on Monday, April 29 between 12.20pm and 3.15pm.
  • Woodham petrol station, Walgett on Friday, April 26 (in the afternoon) and Monday, April 29 (in the morning).
  • Subway Orana Mall, Dubbo, at dinnertime on Friday, April 26.
  • Cattleman’s Motel, Whylandra Street, Dubbo overnight on Friday, April 26 and Sunday, April 28.
  • BP petrol station, Forbes Rd, Parkes on Saturday, April 27 at lunchtime.
  • Burringa Motel, Plumpton Rd, Wagga Wagga overnight on Saturday, April 27.
  • Wagga Wagga Boat Club, Plumpton Rd, Wagga Wagga on Saturday, April 27 between 6pm and midnight.
  • McDonald’s restaurant, Fay Ave, Kooringal (Wagga Wagga) on Sunday, April 28 in the morning.
  • Holy Spirit Aged Care, Tony McGrane Place, Dubbo on Sunday, April 28 between 4.30pm and 5.30pm.

NSW Health Director of Communicable Diseases Vicky Sheppeard said none of the locations visited by the men pose an ongoing risk.

However, people who may be susceptible to measles and were at the same locations at the same time as the men should be alert for signs and symptoms of measles until May 18, 2019, as it can take up to 18 days for symptoms to appear following exposure to a person with measles.

“Symptoms to watch out for include fever, sore eyes and a cough followed three or four days later by a red, spotty rash that spreads from the head to the rest of the body,” Dr Sheppeard said.

Measles is highly contagious and is spread in the air through coughing or sneezing by someone who is unwell with the disease.

“Anyone who develops symptoms of measles should phone their GP to ensure they don’t wait alongside other patients before seeing their doctor,” Dr Sheppeard said.