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Asthma Medications and Devices: Session 2

Date: 10-06-2020 18:30:00 to 19:30

Where & When

Wednesday 10th June, 6:30pm–7:30 pm


Elizabeth Robinson T 0437 450 592 E

Target audience:
GPs, Registrars, Practice Nurses, Aboriginal Health Professionals, Respiratory Clinic Staff and other interested health care professionals


This session aims to update health professionals on the latest asthma medications and devices. It includes a demonstration of the correct technique for each device and highlights the benefits of correct device use in maintaining asthma control for those with asthma.
• Asthma medications
• Medication delivery devices
• Correct device technique
• Question Time
• Evaluation and Close

Learning outcomes:

• Identify the different classes of medications used in asthma management
• Describe the importance of correct device technique in maintaining asthma control
• Demonstrate the correct technique for different asthma devices

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