Activity Work Plans

WNSW PHN Activity Work Plans are a requirement of the funding provided to PHNs by the Department of Health. They must be approved by the Department before PHN activities can proceed.

The Activity Work Plans are informed by WNSW PHN’s needs assessment - key issues and priorities have been identified and underpin the strategic direction of the organisation.

Updated annually, they outline the activities to be delivered as part of our Strategic Plan: “Towards a Healthier 2021”.

WNSW PHN’s nine priority areas, as identified in the needs assessment include:

  1. Aboriginal Health
  2. Chronic and Complex Care
  3. Older Persons Care
  4. Maternal & Child Health
  5. Mental Health & Substance Abuse
  6. Risk Factors/Prevention
  7. Workforce
  8. Access to Services
  9. Coordination, Integration, Collaboration

These priority areas are addressed throughout the Activity Work Plans.

2017-2018 Updated WNSW PHN Activity Work Plans

2016-2017 WNSW PHN Activity Work Plans