My Health Notebook

My Health Notebook is a free, personal health journal for residents of the WNSW PHN region.

It helps you keep track of the people, information and activities that help to manage your health.

If you’re relatively fit and healthy and don’t visit the doctor or other healthcare providers regularly, remembering important health-related information between visits can be hard.

If you’re managing a chronic health condition or undergoing treatment, keeping up with people, appointments, medication and information can be overwhelming.

Keeping notes in My Health Notebook makes managing your health and health care easier, because everything is in one convenient place. 

You can share your notebook with healthcare providers or keep it as a personal record. It’s your health notebook and how you use it is completely up to you.

My Health Notebook does not replace My Health Record or health records made by your doctor or healthcare provider. Rather, it provides a way for you to record things that matter to you about your health in a way that will make them easy to find when you need them.


What’s in My Health Notebook?

The notebook has three parts:

  1. General healthcare information including healthcare rights; top tips for safe health care; who’s who in health care; visiting a healthcare provider; going to hospital; and travelling for treatment and care.
  2. Space to keep useful health details including healthcare providers; support services; medications; dental health; screening tests and checks; vaccinations; and appointments.
  3. Space to make personal notes.


Where can I get My Health Notebook?

My Health Notebook is available across the WNSW PHN region.

If you’re a community group or organisation or a healthcare provider and would like copies to distribute to your members, clients or patients, please let us know – email or telephone 1300 699 167 and we’ll get them out to you.


For healthcare providers

My Health Notebook offers a range of opportunities to help you to support your patients and clients to find, understand and use health information and services.

Using the notebook as a prompt you can:

  • educate patients about different healthcare providers, support services and choosing the right healthcare at the right time.
  • engage patients in discussions about medication management, screening tests and checks, and vaccinations.
  • encourage patients to be active participants in health consultations by preparing questions ahead of time, taking notes and asking questions in the consultation, and noting actions they need to follow up on after the consultation.


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