The StepCare Service is an integrated online mental health service for adults developed by the Black Dog Institute. StepCare supports GPs to provide timely, cost-efficient early intervention and treatment for patients 18 and over. 

Western NSW PHN is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from general practices within Western NSW for the implementation of the StepCare Service within their practice.

The StepCare Service supports GPs to assess and manage mental health in the same way that physical health is; through regular universal screening, monitoring and review. The StepCare Service provides GPs with the tools to:

  • Identify adults with anxiety, depression and/or at-risk behaviours
  • Recommend evidence based stepped prevention, early intervention and treatment
  • Link patients to a mental health care solution tailored to the severity of their symptoms
  • Monitor patient progress, symptoms and treatment adherence, providing feedback to both patient and GP 

How it works


Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest are now open for the StepCare Service. For more information download the form here or fill in the form below:

More Information

Casey Macpherson

Project Officer - General Practice Stepped Care Implementation
Phone: 0418 137 167