The WNSW PHN Immunisation Program aims to support the quality of vaccination services to protect individuals and communities from vaccine – preventable disease.

WNSW PHN is able to assist and support practise in the following key areas:

  • Provide support to practices in low coverage areas to achieve an immunisation coverage rate above 90%
  • Data cleansing and reconciliation of Australian Childhood Immunisation Register Reports with practice records; establish practice recall and reminder processes for overdue children
  • Promote accurate and timely notification of immunisation encounters to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register
  • Assist with reporting issues such as barriers to electronic information transfer
  • Distribute current immunisation resources to practices on request
  • Assist in the management and storage of vaccines, as recommended in the National Vaccine Storage Guidelines “Strive for 5”
  • Cold chain management including data logging services for annual vaccine fridge audit, accreditation purposes, following cold chain breach including power failure
  • Utilise existing data extraction tools to identify patients for specific vaccination e.g. Annual flu clinics

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Michelle Droulers

Practice Support Officer
Phone: 0418 713 979