In today’s changing environment, primary care hubs need to have the capacity to respond to the needs of their community and changes in Medicare funding to be sustainable practices for the future. The WNSW PHN innovation program works with General Practice, Aboriginal Medical Services and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCOs) to ensure that primary care practices are high performing and adaptable.

The aim of the program is to assist primary care teams lay the foundation blocks essential for delivering high performance in primary care, with the use of LEAN thinking as a change methodology for business improvement.

Organisations participating in the program have been trained in LEAN thinking and will take part in an education and capacity building process to enhance the clinical leadership, data driven decision making, team care and sustainable business management.

There are 20 practices currently participating in the program, grouped into four regional clusters. 


Tabitha Jones, Primary Care Systems Improvement Project Officer


P: 02 6813 0924

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