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Ambulatory Care

Hospital in the home (HITH)

Please send referral to:
Fax: 6882 0351
Argus Email: WNSWLHD-ccdubcapac@health.nsw.gov.au

Indications for specialist referral

The following list includes, but is not limited to referral’s for:

  • Intravenous antibiotics for cellulitis in systemically well patient’s
  • Venesections in those meeting Red Cross criteria  (refer to “high ferritin App” on Red Cross website – further reading “elevated serum ferritin” Katie Goot et al.
  • Burn wound care – adult and paediatric.
  • Acute wound care and advice regarding chronic wound care.
  • Uncomplicated pyelonephritis, pneumonia, cystitis.
  • Blood transfusions  (recent review of procedures requires all patient having blood tranfusions at Dubbo Base Hospital to be cross matched and blood supplied ONLY through the Dubbo Base pathology service). Haemoglobin > 80g/L requires haematologist approval for transfusion.
  • Trial of void post removal of indwelling urinary catheter.
  • Suprapubic and PEG tube changes.
  • Iron infusions in those intolerant or inappropriate for oral iron supplementation.
  • Immunomodulating infusions upon specialist referral.
  • PICC line and midline insertion service.
  • Therapeutic (not diagnostic) abdominal paracentesis for ascites. 

Referral information required

Please use Ambulatory Care Referral Form – an updated version pending.

Investigations required

  • For venesections – please provide pathology results for haemochromatosis genetic screening, full blood count and recent iron studies.
  • Iron infusions – pathology results – full blood count, iron studies.
  • Relevant pathology and radiology results.
  • GP to provide prescriptions for non specialist prescribed  infusions ie iron (ferinject), bisphosphonates (zoledronic acid) etc. 

Initial management

Information on initial management requirements, information on initial management requirements, information on initial management requirements.

Red Flag Items

Urgent referral is indicated

If progression of signs,symptoms or systemically unwell, then an escalation of care and review is required – either by the local medical officer/GP or HITH VMO review during usual hours.

How to access care in event of a ‘red flag’ 
  • Call the ambulatory care unit on 6809 6000 to speak to the ambulatory care VMO
  • If a recently discharged from hospital then contact the initial admitting team through switch on 6809 6809
  • If clinical concern outside usual hours then discuss with the Dubbo Base Hospital emergency senior doctor ph 6809 7100
  • Call 000 in the event of an emergency.

Contact information

Please send referral to:

Fax: 6882 0351
Argus Email: WNSWLHD-ccdubcapac@health.nsw.gov.au
Other Email: Otheremail@otheremail.com 

All referrals are triaged by the ambulatory care doctor.

The patient will be contacted by a staff member to arrange an appointment date and time.

Phone: 02 6809 6000

Postal Address:

Ambulatory care unit
Dubbo Base Hospital
Myall Street
Dubbo NSW 2830

Opening hours

Saturday/Sunday 0730 – 1530hrs (no doctor on weekends)
Monday to Friday 0730 – 1700hrs.

For advice after hours contact: Name of contact and phone number.

Director of Department: Dr Shaun Nugent 

Type of Health Professionals Health Professional Name
General Practitioner Dr Shaun Nugent 
Paediatrician  Dr Geoff Hardacre
Nursing Unit Manager Penny Walker
Nursing Staff Nursing staff name
Secretarial Staff

Alyce Hutchison
Michelle Hoffman

Please take note of the ambulatory care – HITH guidelines when referring patients.

The ambulatory care unit at Dubbo Base Hospital is an increasingly busy service providing care to adult and paediatric outpatients, and to patients who would usually require hospital admission for ongoing treatment, but have been deemed suitable to safely continue their treatment at home (HITH).

HITH patient’s will usually attend the ambulatory care unit daily for review and treatment however if this is not possible nursing staff can attend the patient at their residence.

Referrals should be faxed or sent via argus as above, and the patient should phone ahead to book an appointment time to attend, otherwise nursing staff will phone the patient to book a time.

Patients should reside in a 20km radius of Dubbo if nursing staff are required to attend the residence.

The ambulatory care unit is not a general practice therefore patient’s needing regular prescriptions and pathology requests particularly for chronic conditions should have these provided by their usual medical practitioner for continuity of care.



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