Quality Health Information Program (QHIP)

It is well established that GPs are the cornerstone of the health care system and that the information that GPs capture offers a wealth of potential.

QHIP is an innovative program which responds to these facts by driving Quality Improvement initiatives in Western NSW for General Practice. This is achieved by unlocking the potential of data using the CAT Plus suite of products meaning practices can simultaneously:

  • Improve the quality of your patient data;
  • Improve clinical outcomes for your patients, and
  • Improve business outcomes.

WNSW PHN has a highly skilled team of Practice Support Officers who can facilitate this process in conjunction with local champions. This leads to locally led projects which are informed by the quarterly, benchmarked data report that you receive. 

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Contact Us

Leigh Urquhart  -  Digital Health Manager  Phone: 1300 699 167 Email: leigh.urquhart@wnswphn.org.au


Community Profile

Western NSW PHN covers both Far West and Western NSW Local Health Districts. For more information on our region please view our Community Profile on the profile.id portal.