Empowering our Communities - Busting the dust


The Empowering our Communities grants program offers support to people and communities struggling with drought. The grants fund wellbeing initiatives, upskill workers in the delivery of mental health services and provide information and training to community leaders and members. Over the coming weeks and months the Western NSW Primary Health Network (PHN) will bring you stories of perseverance and resilience from some of the communities the program is supporting.  

What better way to beat the heat and dry than a pool party?

Walgett Shire Council is opening the gates of community pools in Walgett, Collarenebri and Lightning Ridge to the public free of charge in an event it is calling Busting the Dust.

“The drought is doing us out here,” event coordinator George McCormick said.

“We’re opening all the pools in the shire for two weekends free of charge.

“We’ll be providing free food with a massive barbecue, we’ll have a band playing, there will be Aboriginal dance groups and didge performances, jumping castles and other activities.”

Service providers will also be in attendance to provide information and support to community members.

“This is a chance for everyone to come together and forget about the drought,” Mr McCormick said.

“It’s about re-connecting our communities – a chance for people to kick back, relax, socialise and forget.”