WNSW PHN Consumer and Community Engagement Framework (PDF)

The purpose of the Consumer and Community Engagement Framework is to establish a best practice model for engaging with consumers and community to build partnerships that manage resources and enable services.

It guides how WNSW PHN works with consumers and communities to achieve desired health outcomes. The Framework applies to public and private health service organisations delivering health promotion, prevention, primary, acute, sub-acute and community health services and with community and consumers receiving our services.

This Framework outlines guiding principles and strategies to enable authentic engagement and codesign. It includes a toolkit & guide to be used by all, providing a process to plan, develop, action and review engagement strategies in line with our guiding principles.

This Framework aims to encourage and assist the PHN to initiate engagement with consumers and community from the outset of our work, and to enable the PHN to be a better partner in community-led projects.