Western NSW Primary Health Network (PHN) offers a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program across our region. We foster a model of integrated education whilst also providing profession-specific opportunities as required. 

Given the constantly evolving environment that everyone is working in, the WNSW PHN CPD team want to be as responsive to your learning needs as possible.

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We offer unique accredited CPD opportunities in multiple sites across Western NSW whilst also providing education via locally facilitated online CPD sessions.

For up to date access to all our events and other local CPD opportunities, please visit our events calendar

Contact Us

Katie Prior

Manager - Education Programs
Phone: 02 6813 0933 or

0409 850 368

Erica Gilbert

Education Coordinator
Phone: 02 6813 0916 or

0428 311 887

Liz Robinson

Education Coordinator
Phone: 02 6813 0934 or 0437 450 592

Therese Gale

Senior Practice Development Officer
Phone: 02 6813 0949 or 0439 104 597

Natalie Camilleri

Practice Development Officer
Phone: 08 8005 8362 or 0437 692 614