My Health Record

Connecting to My Health Record

To ensure your Healthcare Organisation can view its patients’ My Health Records, your organisation needs to be registered.

Once your organisation is registered, Individual Healthcare Providers and other relevant employees can be authorised to access the My Health Record system on the organisation’s behalf.

Find out more on how to register a Healthcare Provider Organisation here.

 Assisted Registration

Assisted Registration is a way for Healthcare Organisations to help individuals register for a My Health Record.

If a Healthcare Organisation chooses to provide this voluntary service to individuals, it does so by submitting an individual’s details to the My Health Record System Operator using compatible software. In doing so the organisation asserts that it has checked the individual’s identity and obtained their consent to being registered and having their health information uploaded to their My Health Record.

A guide and more information on assisted registration can be found here .


The PIP eHealth Incentive aims to encourage general practices to keep up to date with the latest developments in digital health and adopt new digital health technology as it becomes available. It aims to help practices improve administration processes and patient care.

The new eligibility requirement is for general practices to contribute shared health summaries to the My Health Record system for their patients (Requirement 5). General practices will be required to upload shared health summaries for a minimum of 0.5% of the practice’s standardised whole patient equivalent (SWPE) to be eligible for the PIP Health Incentive payment. All other incentive obligations and requirements remain the same.

 Help and Support

For Help or support using the My Health Record system go here.

 Privacy and Security

For more information on privacy and security for providers and who can access a patient’s My Health Record go here.


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