Empowering our Communities - Connecting Gardens in the Drought


The Empowering our Communities grants program offers support to people and communities struggling with drought. The grants fund wellbeing initiatives, upskill workers in the delivery of mental health services and provide information and training to community leaders and members. Over the coming weeks and months the Western NSW Primary Health Network (PHN) will bring you stories of perseverance and resilience from some of the communities the program is supporting.  

With water scarce in Walgett and the town now reliant on bore water, gardens are suffering.

The North West Plains Sustainability Group is hosting a visit and talk from Gardening Australia’s Jerry Coleby-Williams on regaining your garden during drought.

“Due to the drought and lack of water, watering situations here have changed,” organiser Denielle Smith said.

“The rivers have stopped, tanks are empty, we’re relying on bore water, which has a higher salt content.

“Combined with kangaroo pressure and the hot, dry, dusty and windy conditions, plants are suffering.”

Loretta Robinson will host the event at her property and garden near Carinda, with lunch and transport provided free of charge.

“We’ll also have Kylie Rutledge from Moble in Queensland speaking at the event,” Ms Smith said.

“Kylie will speak about her gardening challenges and triumphs during drought.

“A lot of people are doing it very hard, but they’re willing to stick it out. For many people, the garden is their oasis, somewhere they can escape from the world for a little while.”

Connecting Gardens in the Drought is on April 13.