Empowering our Communities - Give stress and anxiety the boot


The Empowering our Communities grants program offers support to people and communities struggling with drought. The grants fund wellbeing initiatives, upskill workers in the delivery of mental health services and provide information and training to community leaders and members. Over the coming weeks and months the Western NSW Primary Health Network (PHN) will bring you stories of perseverance and resilience from some of the communities the program is supporting. 

NALAG is bringing its renowned Blue Healers program to Bourke and Nyngan.

The Blue Healers program assists people who are experiencing mild to moderate depression, anxiety and stress, by teaching participants coping strategies to enhance their wellbeing.

“We travel all over NSW doing education for loss, grief and trauma,” state manager Trudy Hanson said.

Presented by NALAG (National Association for Loss and Grief) facilitators, the program also aims to give community members the capacity to support others.

“Even if it’s checking in your neighbor to see how they’re doing. With the drought, a lot of people are getting desperate,” Ms Hanson said.

“People are telling us they’re hoping for rain, but there’s also the realisation that it’s not going to happen.

“Being the proud people they are, they don’t want to ask for help. Our message to them is this is a hand up, it’s not a hand out.”