Western NSW PHN and Oberon Council collaborate to produce first health snapshot


Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN) has partnered with Oberon Council to produce a snapshot of the health of the Local Government Area (LGA).

The Oberon LGA Health Snapshot, launched on Wednesday, provides details on the health status of those living in the Oberon Local Government Area as well as available healthcare and community services.

"Creating this health profile with Oberon Council has provided an excellent opportunity for the PHN to collaborate with local government to create something for the community we work for," WNSW PHN CEO Andrew Harvey said.

"This is the first time WNSW PHN has worked with a local council to produce a document such as this and the hope is that Oberon Council can now use it not only to illustrate the status if the region but also as a tool to advocate for the healthcare they see a need for."

The Oberon LGA Health Snapshot uses data collected from the Western NSW Health Intelligence Unit, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Health Stats NSW and more including WNSW PHN's own research.

"This health snapshot also includes data from the WNSW PHN Needs Assessment which we undertook last year and includes details of what the residents of Oberon told us were there health priorities, concerns about service gaps as well as how they view their own health," Mr Harvey said.

Oberon Mayor Kathy Sajowitz said that “this document will be of immense value to Oberon Council, it will provide a solid base from which we can lobby for government services and seek funding opportunities in the health and wellbeing space.  The profile not only highlights what we as a small community have in the way of health and allied services – but what we do not have". 

The 2019 Oberon LGA Health Snapshot can be viewed here.