COVID-19: Blokes Can Do Better at Getting Tested


Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN) is encouraging more men and boys from across the region to take advantage of COVID-19 testing services through the newly established Respiratory Clinics.

While the community’s response to the establishment of the Clinics has been overwhelmingly positive, the latest data shows women and girls are being more diligent in getting tested.

WNSW PHN CEO, Andrew Harvey, says it is a crucial time for the region’s men to focus on their health which will keep our communities safe.

“I think, traditionally, Australian men have had a “she’ll be right mate” approach to their health, which definitely needs to change, and there’s no better time to change it than right now.”

“With more than 1,000 people being tested across the Commonwealth funded Respiratory Clinic sites in the last month, that’s obviously a brilliant response from the public, but the girls are definitely being more careful about their health than the boys,” Mr Harvey said.

He added “No matter what respiratory complaint anyone across our region has right now, any flu-like symptoms, difficulty breathing, asthma concerns, anything like that, not only will people be tested for COVID-19 at our Respiratory Clinics but they’ll also receive expert health advice on their condition’s management and treatment.”

The most recent available figures show that of all people tested in WNSW Respiratory Clinics, 58% are female, 42% male.

Respiratory Clinics currently established in the WNSW PHN region include Bathurst, Broken Hill, Cobar, Cowra, Dubbo, Mudgee and Orange.

Information on how to make an appointment at a Respiratory Clinic can be found on the WNSW PHN Website, at