Maari Ma Health's healing program wins a Mental Health Matters Award


Congratulations to Maari Ma Health for being awarded WayAhead's Mental Health Matters Aboriginal Social And Emotional Wellbeing Award for their program 'Kalypi Paaka Mirika'.

'Kalypi Paaka Mirika' (Barkindji language for ‘Clear River Ahead’) is a healing program designed to empower Aboriginal families, communities and relevant agencies to work together to reduce family violence in Aboriginal communities. It looks at how identity loss, violence, stress, trauma, loss and grief are affecting communities in Far West NSW.

The program incorporates cognitive beahaviour therapy and coping mechanisms for stress, trauma and resulting behaviours, within an Aboriginal cultural framework and delivered on-country.

The program helps to address the many and varied causes of violence in Aboriginal communities.

Well done to the team at Maari Ma Health!