Drug and Alcohol

The Western NSW PHN aims to increase the service delivery capacity of the drug and alcohol treatment sector through the commissioning of additional methamphetamine, alcohol and other drug treatment services, targeting areas of need with a focus on methamphetamine use in the community. To improve the effectiveness of the sector and services, initiatives that focus on increasing coordination between various sectors and improving sector efficiency will be an important priority.

The increase in sector capacity will occur within a stepped care framework which enables a step-up and step-down movement across a range of treatment modalities and treatment intensity. Apart from the better coordination and efficiency of providing the right care at the right time, a stepped care approach enables a customised service focus that individualises care and support outcomes.

In western NSW this will be underpinned by four systems outcomes in a primary health service framework:

  1. Evidence based treatment
  2. Better coordinated referral pathways
  3. Supporting and capacity building the workforce
  4. Continuous quality improvement

WNSW PHN has been allocated funds for two drug and alcohol treatment activities; mainstream service delivery, and Indigenous service delivery. Two separate models have been developed to achieve regional coverage and a regional needs response, in implementing the two activity streams. Both models indicate a focus on mainstream or Indigenous service activity but neither model are seen to be exclusive to either focus.

As part of the resource allocation arrangements for mental health and drug and alcohol funding allocated to the WNSW PHN, a number of key activity hubs have been identified. Aligning with a number of other outreach and resource allocation arrangements, these hubs enable a regional focus for health service provision, promoting seamless care coordination.

The Western NSW PHN recently commissioned new Drug and Alcohol service providers for western NSW:

Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and Lyndon Community will provide Mainstream services in the Dubbo, Cobar and Broken Hill hubs.

The Weigelli Centre and Orana Haven will provide Indigenous services in the Walgett, Bourke and Parkes hubs.

Hello Sunday Morning 'Daybreak' Program

Daybreak is an online program supported by WNSW PHN designed to help individuals reduce their harmful alcohol consumption through a range of evidence-based support. Daybreak supports high risk drinkers to change, prevents people needing long-term treatment and/or hospitalisation for alcohol misuse and provides people with long term aftercare following treatment, or while they are on a waitlist. The daybreak program combines elements of assessment, brief intervention, motivational interviewing, CBT, peer support and clinical support to assist users to change their relationship with alcohol.

Daybreak builds long term engagement and allows clients to improve their health, track their progress and receive a stepped model of care suitable to their current needs.

Western NSW PHN will be trialing the ‘Daybreak’ program in a number of practices in our region commencing mid 2017.

Support Services

Alcohol & Drug 24/7 Information & Support 1300 374 837

NSW Alcohol & Drug Information Line 1800 422 599

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