The Palliative Care resources contained in the below drop-down menu are available to assist health professionals with accessing services, current evidence-based information or best practice guidelines to support patients in Palliative Care.

Electronic Palliative & End of Life Model of Care

Email & Specialist Advice Services
Far West Local Health District – Supportive and Specialist Aged Care Service

Western NSW Local Health District - Supportive and Specialist Aged Care Service

Specialist Community Palliative Care Team

Contact No.

Specialist Community Palliative Care Team

Contact No.

Broken Hill Palliative Care Service   

Broken Hill Base Hospital
Far West Local Health District
176 Thomas Street, Broken Hill New South Wales 2880

 (08) 8080 1333            


Central West Palliative Care Service

302 Anson Street, Orange 2800

(02)6369 3380

Dareton Specialist Palliative Care Service

Dareton Primary Health Centre
44- 46 Tapio Street, Dareton 2717

(03) 50217200


Bathurst Voluntary Palliative Care Group

c/- Daffodil Cottage
Howick St, Bathurst 2795

(02) 6339 5347


Dubbo Health Service Palliative Care Service

PO Box 739, Myall St, Dubbo 2830

(02) 6809 6584


Lourdes Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Service, Dubbo

PO Box 974, Dubbo 2830

(02) 6841 8500


Forbes District Hospital

Elgin St, Forbes 2871

(02) 6850 2233


Mudgee Specialist Palliative Care Service

 PO Box 29, Community Health, Mudgee 2850

(02) 6378 6236

Parkes Community Health Centre

PO Box 103, Parkes 2870

(02) 6861 2403


Walgett Specialist Palliative Care, Walgett Community Health

141 Fox St, Walgett 2832

(02) 6828 6000


Palliative Care Consultation Liaison Service

Palliative Care Consultation Liaison Service

Broken Hill and Dareton Specialist Palliative Care:
Combination of direct, consultative and shared cared care model across all settings.
Medical and Nursing Specialist Palliative Care


Palliative Care Inpatient Unit

Palliative Care Inpatient Unit

No inpatient unit. Have access to non-funded beds that can be used for palliative care patients and families.


Training & Videos



The Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA) forms part of the Palliative Care Education and Training Collaborative.  As a national palliative care project, this Collaborative takes a strategic approach to education and training of the health workforce and delivers programs for priority health care provider groups across primary, secondary and tertiary settings.

Specifically, PEPA aims to enhance the capacity of health professionals to deliver a palliative care approach through their participation in either clinical placements in specialist palliative care services or interactive workshops.

PEPA provides opportunities to develop confidence, knowledge and skills in the palliative approach to care through:

  • funded clinical workforce placements or workshops
  • integration of learning into your workplace
  • establishing networks of support

The PEPA learning experience can help you, as a health care provider, to:

  •  gain a clear understanding of the principles of good palliative care
  •  identify the needs of your patients with life-limiting conditions
  •  understand the role of your discipline in managing common problems faced by palliative care patients
  •  recognise your own knowledge base/scope of practice in regard to optimal palliative care provision
  •  identify personal coping strategies for effective management of personal issues related to working in this area.

PEPA is being implemented in all Australian states and territories and applicants from rural and remote areas are encouraged to apply.
This program provides an ideal opportunity to learn from experienced specialist staff to enhance skills, knowledge and experience in the palliative approach.

More information about the PEPA programme and the application process are available at: