ACI Aboriginal Chronic Conditions Network


ACI is pleased to announce the establishment of a new Aboriginal Chronic Conditions Network, which will work to improve the experience and healthcare of Aboriginal people with a chronic disease in NSW.

The Aboriginal Chronic Conditions Network will work with different services to design programs and resources to drive better health outcomes for Aboriginal people with chronic disease. These services may include other ACI Networks, Taskforces and Institutes, Local Health Districts, Specialty Health Networks, Aboriginal Medical Services, and community organisations.

Any person with an interest in Aboriginal chronic disease can join this Network. We are looking for both health workers and community members to be involved in delivering better outcomes for Aboriginal peoples throughout NSW.

How to Join – visit or contact via email for a membership form.

The NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation works with clinicians, consumers, community members and managers to design and promote better healthcare for NSW. We do this by providing advice on re-designing services and new ways of improving healthcare. We develop guidelines based on best practice to deliver care, and support health services to introduce these new ways of working.

The ACI has over 39 Clinical Networks, Taskforces and Institutes that cover a range of areas, for example Respiratory (Lungs), Cardiac (Heart), Pain, Mental Health, and Endocrine (Diabetes). If you are interested in learning more about the ACI Networks, Taskforce or Institutes, please visit the ACI website for more information.

Contact Kiel Hennessy, ACCN Manager on (02) 9464 4686

ACI Aboriginal Chronic Conditions Network Brochure