Dubbo After Hours Clinic celebrates a decade of service

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the Dubbo After Hours GP Clinic, a significant commitment to healthcare for Dubbo and surrounding communities.
Marathon Health and the Western NSW Primary Health Network are keen to celebrate the incredible impact the service has had on reducing the burden on the Dubbo Base Hospital Emergency Department.

Throughout the Clinic’s ten years of operation, it has recorded almost 20,000 appointments minimising the burden on the health care system and reducing waiting time for patients in the Emergency Department (ED). Almost 40% of patients who use the Dubbo After Hours Clinic reported that they would have gone to the ED if the clinic was not operational, which demonstrates the success of the Clinic in reducing ED presentations.

The Dubbo After Hours Clinic, which is operated by Marathon Health with funding from the Western NSW Primary Health Network, operates as a walk in service from 2pm – 6pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays for people with non-emergency requirements who cannot wait to see their GP during regular hours. It also operates in conjunction with the Medical Telephone Service, a telephone service that connects clients to local GPs for advice in the after-hours periods, seven days a week.

Bryan Hoolahan, Marathon Health’s Executive of Health Services says the Dubbo After Hours Clinic has proven its value to the Dubbo community.

“This clinic has proven to be essential in reducing the burden on the ED by diverting clients to a more appropriate primary care alternative. The feedback and the results are a credit to the local GPs and After Hours staff. It is evident through such a significant number of attendances that the clinic is well and truly fulfilling its purpose in the community.”

“We would like to congratulate the doctors and staff of the After Hours Clinic for ten years of great service. This clinic improves access to primary health care in our community and we are pleased to be providing ongoing funding for this service” said Andrew Harvey, CEO Western NSW Primary Health Network.

Federal Member for Parkes, Mark Coulton said “this clinic has played an important role for the people of Dubbo, particularly young families and the elderly who often need urgent but non-emergency medical treatment on the weekend.”

Marathon Health gratefully acknowledges the Western NSW Primary Health Network for the funding of this service. For more information about Marathon Health and its services, go to: