WNSW PHN is not a frontline provider of health care services, instead we fund health care providers to deliver a range of primary health care services that are appropriate and relevant to the needs of the community.

Distribution of funding is undertaken through a commissioning process. Commissioning is a strategic approach that seeks to ensure services meet the health needs of the population and contribute towards service and system improvement and innovation. WNSW PHN utilises commissioning to assist in meeting our objectives of improved efficiency, effectiveness and coordination in primary health care.

Ultimately, the aim of commissioning is to enable WNSW PHN to allocate available resources in ways which best address the needs of our region, as identified by our needs assessment.

The commissioning process is often described in terms of a cycle: planningdeliveringmonitoring and reviewing health services.

WNSW PHN’s approach to commissioning is:

  • identifying and understanding needs;
  • in consultation with providers and the community, determining how best those needs can be met – what activities or outcomes should be sought;
  • assessing how existing providers might be able to meet needs;
  • building capacity among current and potential providers so they can be better able to meet needs;
  • encouraging new services and/or new providers where necessary;
  • negotiating and agreeing contracts for services with providers;
  • managing contracts;
  • reviewing and evaluating providers’ performance and achievements;
  • incorporating knowledge and experience gained into future commissioning activities; and
  • providing feedback and intelligence to the provider community as a means to build longer-term sustainability.

The WNSW PHN Commissioning Framework has been established to provide guidance on planning and implementing health commissioning responsibilities under the funding agreement with the Commonwealth. WNSW PHN is committed to a transparent and accountable commissioning cycle, and will continue to review and grow this process as we evolve. 

To ensure the services commissioned by WNSW PHN are clinically and culturally safe, service providers must comply with the following:


For details on current tenders, please click here.

All WNSW PHN tenders are managed on our e-Procurement Portal, Tenderlink. To use this system and access tender documents you must first be a registered supplier. There is no charge to register and download documents. To register visit our e-procurement portal on Tenderlink and click the registration button.  During the registration process you will be requested to provide contact details, including an email address, that will be used to notify your organisation of available tenders.

If you have any technical problems using the portal, contact Tenderlink support on:

T: 1800 233 533 (business hours)

E: support@tenderlink.com (24 hours a day 7 days a week)