Cultural Safety Framework (PDF)

Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN) is committed towards the development of culturally safe models of care. The Cultural Safety Framework provides information and a comprehensive self-assessment evaluation tool to enable primary health care service providers to progress towards achieving cultural safety. 

Cultural safety in healthcare means designing and providing services that meet the needs of patients through a process of self-reflection, awareness of cultural biases and processes to actively respond in a way that will benefit the patient’s health and wellbeing.

WNSW PHN plays a leadership role in the development of culturally safe models of care to ensure access to quality health care and wellbeing programmes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. WNSW PHN’s Aboriginal Health Council has played a key role in the preparation of the Cultural Safety Framework.

Embedding a cultural safety process in WNSW PHN’s commissioning of health services plays an important role in Closing the Gap between the health outcomes for Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal People in Western NSW.  

Cultural Safety Framework Part 1

Cultural Safety Framework Part 2 - Evaluation tool users guide

Cultural Safety Framework Brochure