The Men's Table arrives in the Central West


The Men’s Table invites men in Central West NSW to come along and join a table, connect with other men, enjoy a great dinner together, and have a yarn about the ups and downs of life.

Over 10 years ago, a group of men decided to have dinner together with the intention of connecting and sharing life experiences. They’ve been meeting once a month ever since to talk, laugh and share, forging meaningful relationships based on trust and acceptance.

Each Men’s Table is unique, with it’s own personality, guided by the lessons learned through the experiences gained from existing Men’s Tables. The premise of the Men’s Tables is that navigating life can be hard, if you have to do it alone.

The Men’s Table have an event coming up in Orange and Bathurst and encourage men of all ages to participate or get in touch to set up your own table.  Join an Entrée to get an introduction to the Men’s Table, an opportunity to share stories and dialogue over dinner for men interested in being part of The Men’s Table. You can experience how a Table works through open sharing over a relaxed and conversational meal, and to decide if joining a Table is for you. The ticket cost includes a meal and registrations are limited to 16 men.

Find out more about the Men’s Table here.