The information on this page is the latest information and resources for Home Care Providers, Older Australians and Disability Services.

Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080

Healthdirect Hotline: 1800 022 222

Public Health Unit: 1300 066 055 

If you require clinical advice on matters relating to Communicable Diseases or other Public Health issues outside of normal hours, please contact your nearest Public Health Unit.

Bathurst: 0428 400 526

Dubbo: 0428 400 526

Broken Hill: 0419 917 426

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Telehealth Services - Connect to Your GP

Western NSW Primary Health Network has gained approval from the Department of Health to expand the availability of telehealth video conferencing to General Practices and any eligible health provider in our footprint. 

This will benefit the members of our community that are at greater risk from the virus by enabling continued access to GPs and specialists, nurses and mental health allied health workers using this technology. 

This is being facilitated through the Healthdirect Video Calling platform which allows healthcare professionals to engage with their patients in their clinic’s online waiting area, rather than a physical one. 

Click here to access your GP's Telehealth Service

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP)

The Department of Health has put together a frequently asked questions (FAQs) document that aims to assist CHSP providers with the impact of COVID-19 on their operations.

The document covers a range of topics to assist providers in accessing government measures, support, advice and guidance for their workforce as well as many FAQs the department has been fielding about program flexibility and advice on supporting clients during this difficult time.


Personal Monitoring Technology for Senior Australians

OPAN COVID Callback Service

Advice around essential CHSP services and client charges

The department understands there is some confusion around the provision of essential home support services. To clarify, with the exception of Social Support Group, no CHSP service types should be cancelled or reduced by providers on the grounds of being non-essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. While there may be a reduction in demand for some services by clients during this time, all CHSP providers are expected to continue offering and delivering services safely and in accordance with state and territory social distancing and infection control requirements.

CHSP service providers may now re-open their Social Support Group and other in-person group activities where they can be delivered safely in a manner consistent with state and territory restrictions. Resources and specific information relevant to your state or territory can be found at

The department expects that all CHSP providers communicate and discuss any changes to care arrangements with their clients at the earliest opportunity. CHSP clients should not be charged for services they have not received. This includes services that have had to be cancelled or suspended due to COVID-19.

For more information, please contact your Community Grants Hub Funding Arrangement Manager (FAM).

Access to CHSP meals for CoS clients

CoS clients who need prepared meals due to the impact of COVID-19, can now access CHSP meals for the period of 1 May 2020 to 30 September 2020.

CoS clients who need CHSP meal services can contact a meals provider themselves or call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. Following the screening process, My Aged Care will issue an urgent electronic referral to a CHSP meals provider. From this point on the referral process for the provider is the same as for other CHSP meals clients.

If the CoS client contacts the CHSP meals provider, the provider follows the same process currently in place for the provision of urgent services to CHSP clients.

CoS clients can access CHSP meals for any period, from the date of referral, up to 30 September 2020. CoS clients are not entering the aged care system and are only receiving CHSP meals for a time-limited period. They do not need a RAS assessment.

For the purposes of meals provision, the CHSP Client Contribution Framework will apply to CoS clients.

Meals providers are to contact the CoS client two weeks before 30 September 2020 to remind the client they will not receive meal services after this date.

If the CoS client needs to continue to receive CHSP meals after 30 September 2020, they must be referred to the Department at to discuss their options for ongoing support.

Carer Gateway Support Services

Western and Far Western NSW Carers now have access to greater supports with the introduction of the new Carer gateway support service.

New services for carers include carer support planning, counselling, peer support, carer-directed support packages and emergency respite services.

Access the Carer Gateway Support Services

Education Modules & Webinars

Four eLearning modules developed specifically for Aged Care Workers are now online.

These are:

  • Module 1: Personal Safety
  • Module 2: Families and Visitors
  • Module 3: COVID-19 and Aged Care
  • Module 4: Outbreak Management procedures

If you would like to access the Aged Care training, users will need to register their workplaces as ‘Aged Care’. If you have already registered for online training but not with ‘Aged Care’ as your workplace, email for a priority response.





Advance Care Planning Webinars

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing questions around advance care planning delivery at this time, Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA) and the End of Life Directions for Aged Care (ELDAC) program will host a series of webinars.

Date Topic & Link for Registration Further Information
17 April 2020
2.00 – 2.45 (AEST)
COVID-19 and ACP Webinar for Healthcare & Hospital Services Professionals Advance Care Planning Australia
23 April 2020
2.00-2.45 (AEST)
COVID-19 and ACP Webinar for Aged Care Professionals Advance Care Planning Australia
28 April 2020
6.30 – 7.30pm (AEST)
COVID-19 and ACP Webinar for General Practitioners Advance Care Planning Australia
30 April 2020
1.00-2.00pm (AEST)
End of Life Directions for Aged Care in Home Care
Click Here to Register
End of Life Directions for Aged Care

Ordering PPE Supplies

Aged Care Providers

  • If Commonwealth-funded aged care providers are experiencing shortages and are unable to obtain masks from any other source, the National Medical Stockpile may be in a position to provide a small supply to supplement existing supplies.
  • All requests will be considered, and if appropriate, approval will be given to dispatch stock from the states and territories who are distributing Stockpile supplies to Commonwealth-funded aged care providers.
  • After you have explored alternative supply options, you may request supply from the Stockpile by emailing This request will be reviewed and triaged based on need and urgency, with priority given to aged care providers where there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19. You may be contacted for further information about your request to determine priority. You may also be requested to reimburse the Stockpile at cost depending on circumstances.

Order PPE Supplies for Aged Care

Disability Care Providers

Access to PPE will also be prioritised for disability care providers who deliver personal care and other activities that require close physical contact where there is an immediate threat to the continuity of safe quality care due to lack of access to PPE, or where the participant has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19:

  • The Department of Health will be assessing requests from disability service providers and self-managing participants, prioritising supply to the most urgent need.
  • Disability care providers who use personal protective equipment (PPE) as a usual part of their support arrangements should continue to access PPE through their usual means. Where this is no longer possible, they should approach the National Medical Stockpile (NMS).
  • The Department of Health has a dedicated email address for those requesting access to the National stockpile:

Order PPE Supplies for Disability Care


Dementia Australia has released Help Sheets outlining tips for people living with dementia, carers, families and friends of people living with dementia, residential care providers and home care providers.


Managing Behaviours During a Pandemic


tips for Carers, Families and Friends of People Living with Dementia


Dementia Australia Webinar Series

Advanced Care Planning

Advance Care Planning (ACP) enables a person to discuss and document the extent of medical intervention they wish to receive when in critical care or if approaching the end of their life.

ACP should be part of routine practice and with the increasing impact of COVID-19 on services, it is critical for clinical staff to proactively engage in these discussions with all patients and families.

The NSW Advance Care Directive Guidelines provide guidance to health professionals on how to discuss ACP and use an Advance Care Directive as part of this process. Resources include information about how to sensitively and effectively engage with patients and their families about advance care planning.

While patients’ wishes may not always be met, ACPs can support clinical care which better aligns with patients’ preferences.

NSW Health Information is also available to help people understand the importance of planning ahead and of documenting their preferences for care and treatment.

Advance Care Planning - Making your Wishes Known

Making an Advance Care Planning Directive

NSW Advance Care Directive guidelines

Advance Care Planning Australia

Advance Care Planning Australia

Conversation Starters - A4 Poster

COVID-19 Aged Care Support Program

The COVID-19 Aged Care Support Program will reimburse eligible aged care providers for eligible expenditure incurred on managing direct impacts of COVID-19.

The Program will run over 2 years from 2019-20 to 2020-21.

The Program will assist Residential Aged Care, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program and Home Care Package providers that are subject to direct COVID-19 impacts, to deliver continuity of safe quality care for consumers.

Access the Aged Care Support Program Details  

NSW Ambulance Authorised Care Plans During COVID-19

In response to the current demand on services regarding COVID-19, NSW Ambulance Models of Care Unit is changing the processing, endorsement and return of Authorised Care Plans.

Plans can be submitted via
Plan information can be accessed here

Letter of Notice - Change of Process from NSW Ambulance


Note: WNSW PHN is monitoring the COVID-19 situation daily and update and develop our pathways and links accordingly.

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